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 Welcome to BioFiliate

Following Natures Blueprint

Our Mission

   To promote awareness and actively facilitate the integration of
biophilic elements into our future spaces.

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Our Vibe

Where project expertise meets an unwavering passion for space, BioFiliate is the natural response. As biophilia reshapes the contours of architectural and design experiences, our commitment is to seamlessly facilitate biophilic elements into our built spaces.  

At BioFiliate, we are here to bridge the gap between biophilic product providers and the A&D community, contributing to the integration of nature into the built environment.


What Is Biophilia?

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     Biophilia is a term coined by Edward O. Wilson, a biologist and naturalist, to describe the innate and instinctive bond between humans and nature. It suggests that humans have an inherent need to connect with the natural world and other forms of life. The concept of biophilia is often broken down into three pillars, which highlight different aspects of this connection. 

Direct Experience of Nature

Indirect Experience of Nature

Nature in the Built Environment

      The three pillars of biophilia emphasize the importance of direct and indirect experiences with nature, as well as the integration of natural elements into the spaces we inhabit. It underscores the vital role that nature plays in our lives and the need to design our environments in ways that foster a harmonious relationship with the natural world for the benefit of our health, happiness, and overall human experience. To learn more about how BioFiliate can integrate this concept into your project contact us for more info.

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